Batch 14 (February 27-March 1, 2015)

Thirty-four student leaders from the Pamulaan Center for Indigenous People in Davao City joined the fourteenth run of the Ninoy & Cory Aquino Leadership Journey for College Students held last February 27 to March 1, 2015.

The NCA Leadership Journey aims to build the nucleus of a new generation of leaders that are grounded on their spirituality who can eventually transform Philippine society. Using Ninoy and Cory Aquino as role models, the program seeks to reintroduce spirituality as a major foundation for Filipino leadership. Harnessing their innate values systems, the participants take part in a process of self-reflection that will ultimately lead to self-transformation and self-commitment for others and country.

Below are reflections written by NCA Leadership Journey Batch 14 graduates about the experiences and insights they gained from the program.

DSC_2511“The Leadership Journey weekend has been superb for me. When I went to the church after that, I really appreciated God’s embrace and love. The Journey made me whole again.”

Philip Ocquiola, Davao del Norte

DSC_2705Sa loob ng tatlong araw, napakaraming bagay ang aking natutunan, hindi lang sa sarili kundi sa pangkalahatan. Ito ay isang napakalaking sagot sa aking panalangin. Naramdaman ko ang lahat ng kabutihang nagawa ng Panginoon sa aking buhay.”

Annie Rose Suyan, General Santos City

DSC_2498“Even though I encountered disapointments and heartaches in my life, I feel happy because God or Magbabaya is always at my side who guides me.”

Mike OnduranBukidnon

DSC_2486“It was an awesome Leadership Journey Weekend! Natuto akong maging bukas sa ibang tao at sa mga bagay-bagay na dapat gawin. At lalong higit na masaya dahil mas napamahal  ako sa aking mga magulang at mga kaklase.”

Pinky Rose Gawahan, Bukidnon

DSC_2515“It was a bountiful harvest of spiritual learning, leadership strengthening and personal transformation. The entire event of our Journey brought us nearer to God and people who need our compassion and service. In a few days of journeying with NCAF, I realized the importance of being loved and to love back; to have pure and forgiving hearts; and to thank our Transcendent Being. Thank you for the opportunity of changing our perspectives to live with grounded spirituality as future leaders.”

Joemar Ike CapalitCaraga

DSC_2592“I now keep myself in touch with my spiritual life. I really fell in love with God and with everyone as they have become the source of my strength and happiness.”

Bea Abelardo

DSC_2495“Deep realizations were discovered and my relationship with God has been strengthened. Also, my relationship with my classmates and friends have deepened. I am truly happy to have attended the Leadership Journey. “

Renalyn Hupayan, Bukidnon

DSC_2602“The 3-day retreat was a very unique experience that I have encountered. I am able to look back on how great our God is to me, because He granted my prayer to finish my studies. Furthermore, I was able to experience God’s love through the people who have shown their support to us.”

Dandan Quillano, Surigao del Sur

DSC_2532“It was an amazing and wonderful experience. I was able to recognize and appreciate God’s love, His word and power. It also strengthened my connection with Him.”

May-One MalintadDavao Oriental

DSC_2522“After the Leadership Journey that we had,  it allowed me to realize deeply the current reality of my individuality. It helped me to open my eyes, mind, heart and soul in dealing with different kinds of people whom I encounter daily, especially here in Pamulaan wherein we encounter different cultures and traditions of the Indigenous People in the Philippines.”

Dionesio Lumawas, Zamboanga del Norte

DSC_2607“The Leadership Journey brought me to a clear direction. It helped me deepen my self-understanding and awareness in valuing God’s gift to us. The quote, ‘Idilat mo ang iyong mga mata at marami kang makikita’, helped me to become open-minded as to the real meaning of life. To NCAF, thank you for the very accommodating treatment despite of our differences in culture and beliefs.”

Allan Olubalang, Maguindanao

DSC_2573“After the NCA Leadership Journey, I felt that my relationship to Megbabaya or God was deepened and strengthened. My experience in the Journey is worth remembering that serves as my reminder for me to appreciate and value myself because God loved me first. Let’s serve and love the Lord.”

Mylene Tulawe, Zamboanga del Norte

DSC_2541“It was an unforgettable experience that I will treasure in my whole life. I feel really blessed because the Leadership Journey contributed and injected in us the best learning that we need in our daily life. This activity was a venue for us to continuously grow emotionally and spiritually grounded, as well as to develop our best qualities, change and correct our failures and mistakes. More so, it helped us to become a better person. I will cherish the experience because it nourished and developed us to become useful citizens, sons and daughter of God. The program taught us to understand, respect, and even care for one another. Indeed, the Journey for me is a lifelong experience in which it teaches us to become socially meaningful and have purposeful life. ‘Let us share God’s overflowing love’”.

Junie Jane ImbaSouth Cotabato

DSC_2613“The Leadership Journey gave me a chance to realize everything more deeply. It made me know everything such as my burdens, mistakes and weaknesses. Life has more surprises than we expected it, through Jesus using other people to be His instruments. It also deepened my relationship with God and with the people around me. I realized some of my strength and weaknesses, which I can impart to other people.”

Susan Bulding, Mindoro

DSC_2491“The Leadership Journey allowed me to know more myself and my relationship with our Almighty God. It drawn me to the realization about loving with the Lord. It deepened my understanding on my passion in life. It cleared my vision in life as a young leader. Taking this Journey sincerely made me realize that I can do things through loving, serving and recognizing the presence of our God and to the people who influenced me to become a better person.”

 Janiecel Tagno-ayBukidnon

DSC_2583“I felt free and special because of the learnings and realizations that I’ve gain from the 3-day Leadership Journey. I’m happy because I was able to release all my burdens in life. It’s really good to value all the bad memories I have. With that, I was able to use all my painful experiences as now my strength. I feel that all throughout, God is always with me. Thank you for enlightening me in God’s presence, especially for giving me the courage to be strong enough and accept the reality of life.”

Cras Mae DegolladoSaranggani 

DSC_2578“The experience made me feel that God is moving with. After the 3-days Journey with God, many realizations came by. I just then realized how great God’s love is that despite of my sins, He never failed to love me as me. Few days ago, I learned to show love to other people no matter who they despite of what they’ve done. Lastly, I had deepen my understanding on the essence of service, which is love. I am so grateful and blessed this week because the spirit of Journey possessed my entire being.”

 Daphny Ambe, Davao del Sur

DSC_2675“The 3-day Leadership Journey made me realize many things about myself and strengthen my relationship with my God. I discovered why I am what I am now because of the experiences I’ve gone through and the people surrounding me. It taught me how to be strong enough in facing the realities in life. I also appreciated how to treasure the moments I have with the people I have encountered. Lastly, I am moved to share love to others, as I have been loved by God first.”

 Analyn Badia-onZamboanga del Norte

DSC_2537“The 3-day Leadership Journey was a weekend of realization and forgiveness for me because, for almost 20 years I kept my anger and pain to my parents and grandparents. Thank you so much for letting us share our life stories with one another because they pushed me to value, love and forgive those who became part of my life and formed who I am now.”

Shaira MatangongDavao Oriental

DSC_2661“I felt very much blessed and fortunate because I was able to share the dark part of my life, and I learned how to forgive others. Aside from that, I achieved peace of mind and I felt like my burden was taken off from me. I felt really light! Thank you so much NCAF for sharing your life with us.” 

Mary Ann AlasZamboanga del Norte

DSC_2652“I learned so much about myself, my love for the Lord and the true essence of service. I am now applying all the things I learned in my life.”

Richelle AgabayanMindoro

DSC_2506“I am so blessed and thankful for joining the Leadership Journey because I was able to share the unhappy moments in my life. I’ve realized the true essence of service and love of God. Finding God in all things becomes my daily routine after realizing His goodness in my life. I am now able to adjust and understand the world of rejection and misunderstanding. I would like say thank to NCAF for initiating this activity that became my avenue in knowing more about God. Thank you and God bless us all.”

Abdul Lagungan, Compostela Valley

DSC_2598“The journey I encountered last week was unforgettable, it makes me realize that I am important and precious to God as His son, I know whatever happens, what faults I did in words, thoughts and in action He will forgive me and love me.”

 Mark Kevin Molero, Maguindanao

DSC_2554“I felt special during the three-day retreat. There were surprises in every activity which made me feel loved by God. Indeed, the program is life changing for I have many realizations about myself and how to understand my own concept of living.”

Jonard BenitoSaranggani

DSC_2559“During the three days of encounter with God’s love, I had a lot of realizations. All the meaningful activities lightened up my feelings. The Leadership Journey took away the ‘unfreedom’ in me and helped me live and move more freely.”

Mike Licyayo, Isabela

DSC_2564Maraming salamat po sa NCAF dahil sa ibinahagi nilang kaalaman, sakripisyo at panahon sa amin. Talagang malaki ang positive impact nito sa aking buhay. Sa loob ng tatlong araw, namulat at nabuhay muli ang aking ispiritwal na aspeto at nakatulong siya kung paano isasabuhay at isagawa ang mga salita ng Diyos.

Roger Fado

DSC_2527“I’m still enjoying spending my time with my loving boyfriend – God. I cherished every moment we had. He is always surprising me. The Journey taught me to be an open-minded woman and to become a strong individual in spite of the problems and challenges I encountered in my studies.”

Anilyn MaulinganDavao Oriental

DSC_2687“I was able to receive blessings and graces from God. I want to put all the things I’ve learned into action as it is my duty to do for a meaningful life.” 

Roderick DonatoIsabela

DSC_2550“Being an IP (Indigenous People) youth leader, I was able to appreciate life more than what I have imagined it was before. Through the Leadership Journey, I found my profound purpose of existence in this world: to love and to be loved and celebrate and recognize God’s goodness in every step of my way. My responsibility as an IP youth leader is not that easy. I will go back to my community and share the learnings I gained, put into practice the theories I acquired and empower them to make our lives better. Being a part of NCAF, I had strengthened my passion for service and deepened my desire of sharing my life to others. Indeed, the experience is a one-of-a-kind, life changing Journey and is worth sharing which what a real Journey Companion should do.”

Charisse Das-ao,  Ilocos Sur

DSC_2665Maraming naitulong ang Leadership Journey sa ispiritwal na pamumuhay ng bawat isa sa amin. Maraming ‘di inaasahang aral akong napulot na lalo pang gagabay sa akin patungo sa magandang buhay. Dahil dito, marami akong natuklasan. Ang mga ito’y dapat pagtuunan ng pansin kaya sa aking pamamalagi sa balat ng lupa, nasisiyahan ako kahit maraming kahirapan dahil na nararanasan nandoon pa rin ang pagmamahal at gabay ng Diyos.

Henry AstudilloIlocos Sur

DSC_2657Sa mga nagdaang araw pagkalipas ng Leadership Journey, masasabi kong naliwanagan ang aking puso at isipan sa ating Panginoon. Hanggang ngayon, nabubuhay ako ng walang tinatago sikreto sa aking buhay. Kahit na maraming problema ang dumadating sa aking buhay, pinipilit ko pa ring maging masaya dahil alam ko na ang Panginoong Diyos ay laging nasa tabi ko na handing magbigay ng payo at tulong sa akin.

David TamboonAklan

DSC_2569“I was able to build a strong relationship with God. The surprises made me feel loved and made me look back in my life.”

Normindo MoselaMaguindanao

DSC_2519“The Leadership Journey weekend is very unique from the other weekends in my life. Marami akong narealize sa buhay ko na hindi ko napapansin. Up to the smallest things, God is making me feel loved. But this event changed my perspective in looking at how my faith is. I started questioning myself, do I deserve this or that. Marami akong pinatawad: ang sarili ko at ang ibang tao.

Joan May Purugganan, Abra


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