Journey Companions participate in Brgy. Loyola Heights’ Children’s Day

The NCA Leadership Journey Companions, in partnership with the Philippine Toy Library and other volunteer groups, partake in the annual celebration of Children’s Day in Brgy. Loyola Heights, Quezon City, last October 5, 2013. Started in 2010, Brgy. Loyola Heights gathers its children from all over the barangay and let them participate in different activities conducted by the partner organizations.


The sing-and-dance team of the NCA Leadership Journey

There were activities such as free play by the Philippine Toy Library, palarong pinoy by the Ateneo Political Science Class, face painting by Saint Vincent Foundation, art workshop by Teachables, Inc., film viewing by the Augustinians of the Assumption, and storytelling and sing-and-dance by the Journey Companions.


Alloy Peralta narrating what happened during the EDSA People Power

Sing-and-dance lead Gino and RC, both part of the NCA Leadership Journey Batch 2, narrated their experience during the activitiy: “It was yet another superb experience with my Journey family at the Loyola Heights Children’s Day. We taught around a hundred kids how to dance and told them stories. Tiring but REALLY fulfilling”, RC shared in her Facebook status. Despite some difficulties, Gino hoped that the group was able to bring joy to the children, “Kahit nakakapagod, sana napasaya natin sila kahit sa maliit na paraan” (Even if it’s tiring, I hope we were able to make them happy even in our small way).


The children of Brgy. Loyola Heights danced with their Ates and Kuyas

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