NCA Leadership Journey Graduates Remember Cory Aquino on Kris TV

Last July 31, 2011, Kris TV, the successful morning show of ABS-CBN, featured a short segment to commemorate the passing of the late President Cory Aquino. NCA Leadership Journey graduates Joy Critica, Di Romero and Dustin Macolor, together with NCAF President Rafael C. Lopa, shared how Filipinos, especially the youth, continue to live out Tita Cory’s beliefs and aspirations.

“It is important that we keep the legacy of Ninoy and Cory Aquino alive,” said Lopa. “One of the main programs of the Foundation after the passing of former President Cory is the Ninoy & Cory Aquino Leadership Journey. We realized the significance of imparting to the youth, particularly the next generation of leaders who will govern our country in the future, the importance of living out their mission in life – the mission entrusted to them by the Lord. This will serve as the source of their courage, their strength and their determination to follow the right path. This is how Ninoy and Cory lived out their lives. They did not do anything extraordinary other than love their fellow Filipinos.”

Romero shared his favorite quote from the late President. “President Cory said ‘So long as I do not disturb or make life difficult for others, I thought it was okay. But I realized that I have to do more, I have to give more of myself for the things I believe will be good for the country.’ It is important to inspire other people, and not just worry about yourself. This serves as a guide for me on how to live out my life.”

“Ninoy and Cory touched the lives of so many young Filipinos,” said Critica. “Cory Aquino is a great inspiration to me. She was the most humble leader I have ever come across. Cory sacrificed so many things – her family, her husband, and even own life—all for the good of the country. I volunteer during activities and events of the Foundation because I believe that I too can inspire and empower other young Filipinos.”

“President Cory never planned nor dreamed of becoming president,” said Macolor. “But when she heard the call to serve, she immediately responded. I live up to the saying that “Everyone can be a catalyst for change.’ Even if I’m still studying, I believed that I can do something to inflict change.”

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